Welcome to The WORKshop

The WORKshop is dedicated to providing career and educational direction for persons of all ages 15 years and older, and at any stage of work or career development. dreamstime


Career development takes place over time, but having the right start when possible, is a huge benefit . So testing and counseling should be done as early as possible. The WORKshop assists teens in high school, and ensures they have a better understanding of which suitable career choices to make, and build upon. We also look at post secondary choices. This is achieved through testing and one on one counseling, with input from the parents.


The WORKshop assists persons going through career redirection, at any stage of career development. As well assistance is available for persons experiencing difficulty finding a job. Many of us experience work related challenges at some point in our life. This can be stressful, and can affect our personal lives, our families, and our overall sense of wellbeing. Refreshing and redirecting our approach and direction, can be a welcome and much needed change. The WORKshop is here to help you find that new approach.